Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace was painted in Abbotsbury Studio, Dorset and exhibited in a solo exhibition at South Square Chambers, Grays Inn, London. This was part of a series about Impossible Structures. Other works included Palm House, based on the design of the Palm House at Kew Gardens (private collection) and studies of the Aviary and Penguin enclosure at London Zoo. Each of these structures were chosen for a combination of their design and historical significance as part of my exploring London and a sense of place after moving there in 1997.

Crystal Palace is inspired by a photograph first shown in the Illustrated London News. The glass structure of the original Crystal Palace designed to hold the Great Exhibition in 1851 was lowered over several large elm trees in Hyde Park. The painting celebrates the enormity of the ambition and achievement of the designers and workers.

Oil, charcoal, pastel on canvas. Size 4 ft by 4ft. Available.